Jay Jeffers is one of those designers who manages to make every home he designs both completely inspirational yet totally comfortable. His first book, Collected Cool, came out four years ago and we still love flipping through it. Luckily, he recently released his second book, BE BOLD: Bespoke Modern Ineriors (you can see more of his home on its cover here) and we had to talk with Jay to learn more.

You released your first book in 2014. What inspired you to write your second and how did the theme emerge?
My studio has evolved prolifically since the launch of Collected Cool. We have since began to take more and more risks with our work while continuing to bring our clients’ dynamic design needs to life. These days, the vast majority of my clients are those with young children and growing families who want a place where they can raise their children without sacrificing exciting and invigorating design. By taking risks, we deliver bold designs that are livable. For the second book, the theme was clear. We were inspired by our clients trust in us to be bold and wanted to show off that risk-taking attitude in hopes to inspire others incorporate unexpected and thoughtful design in their everyday lives.

Tell us a bit about what readers can expect in this book?
Readers can expect a display of luxurious, yet livable designs that exude soul and playfulness. Each of the 14 projects tells a story. We wanted to encourage readers to explore unexpected color combinations and vibrant patterns alongside carefully curated combinations of custom, contemporary and antique pieces that make for exquisite statement pieces. While each project tells a story unique to the client, the common theme is that you truly can have the best of both worlds, bold design and structured sensibility.

What does “Be Bold” mean to you?
There is a certain art to being bold. If there is one idea that has always resonated with me it is, “Don’t be boring, be bold.” As a company we avoid repetition, and in doing so, we strive to live, work and design with the art of being bold in mind.

What’s one time in life that you decided to be really bold – even though maybe you were hesitant – and it really paid off?
Buying a house in St. Helena in 2009 when it felt like the world was imploding around us in terms of the economy. I thought this is either the smartest or stupidest thing I’ve ever done. It was the best decision ever!

What’s next for you?
A BOLD and AMAZING line of door hardware with a fabulous company Called Accurate. Watch for it. You’re going to die when you see it!

See some our favorite homes from BE BOLD in the slideshow!