Time to clean off the coffee table because Will Taylor, author, creative consultant and lifestyle blogger, just released his second book. Dream Decór highlights eleven styles, from Coastal Retreat to Industrial Aesthetic, to show readers how to confidently bring a room together using the fundamental benchmarks of décor and how to identify their personal style. And of course, it features plenty of the colorful spaces that readers of Will’s blog, Bright.Bazaar, know him for. Will’s sharing the scope today and see a preview of Dream Decór in the slideshow.

Dream Decór focuses on eleven different aesthetics. Why did you choose to divide the book by design styles?
I wanted to show how the ‘Bright.Bazaar’ approach to design manifested in a variety of different design styles rather than solely in color palettes per my first book. The aim was to show a broader perspectives on decorating across homes of all shapes and sizes, so that readers would (hopefully!) feel inspired and empowered to create their own version of those styles – whether it be a pure style or a mix of several – no matter where they lived.

You are known for your love of color. What do you love about colorful spaces?
Color is a vital part of a decorating scheme and I think it’s the design element that says the most about our individual personalities and lifestyles. I feel like it’s the lifeblood of a room. That doesn’t mean I only like rooms with hot pink walls or a bright yellow couch – far from it. Rather, I appreciate and feel inspired by colors of all saturations and hues. I can fall in love a calm and serene tonal scheme of white and grey as much as a room decorated in a dramatic racing green and aubergine palette. What I love about Dream Decor is it shows such a variety of homes, some with gentle neutral tones and others with bolder colors.

This is your second book. How was your process different between writing the first and the second?
The first book was more of a baptism of fire because I had never worked on a book before. When it came to the second I was familiar with the process of how a book comes together – a two year process, in this case – and so I was able to foresee potential roadblocks and plan ahead more than the first time around. With Dream Décor, I was also keen to share decorating advice beyond color in silo. My aim with this book was to share a 360-approach to decorating, which is why I started the book with a section on Dream Elements, which takes the reader through all the fundamental elements of decorating. This way, I hope the reader will feel that they have equipped their decorating arsenal and hold a good understanding of how to use each of those design elements together to build a scheme, before diving into choosing the dream decor style(s) that they like the best.