Based in Portland, OR, Casey Keasler is an interior designer and the founder of Casework – “a multidisciplinary creative studio focused on environments and how people experience them.”

Most Likely To Photograph:
Pacific Northwest landscapes, studio still lifes, and stunning design projects in her signature style.

Why We Love Her:
Casey has a great mantra when it comes to design. She says that “just like the clothes you wear and the music you listen to, your space is an extension of your personality.” We couldn’t agree more – and really appreciate how her personality truly shines when it comes to interiors. Her projects have layers of past and present, and include unexpected elements from varying styles. On her Instagram account, we get a behind-the-scenes look at what it takes to run a creative studio. Whether she’s working away or exploring the Pacific Northwest, she has great composition in every photo that she takes. If you’re an aspiring designer, a design lover, or just a fan of beautiful things – this is an account you won’t want to miss.