While studying advertising in college, Katy Skelton Acuff worked for an interior design company where she made furniture and art for model homes. She says, “I loved it and started working at a furniture company in Austin when I graduated from college. I quickly moved from the sales department to the product development team and ended up as a lead product designer.” Eventually she found her way to Savannah College of Art & Design where she received an MFA in furniture design.

After her MFA, Katy launched her own company, Katy Skelton, LLC. “I loved working as a designer and wanted to be able to design pieces that reflected my own aesthetic, while also incorporating sustainable materials and socially responsible manufacturing practices. It was really important to me to make everything in the USA, where I could easily travel to my factories to check on production and I could order small quantities that were customizable and made-to-order.”

Along with a commitment to sustainability, Katy finds inspiration in many places. “Sometimes it is a necessity – the One Drink Table was born from needed a tiny table in our Brooklyn apartment, and I figured if I needed it, then other people in small living spaces would like it, too! – Sometimes, it is a material that I am interested in working with that will lead to new designs. I was needing parts to create the handle for our trays and ended up using some lighting parts. Since I had the lighting parts in our studio, I started playing around with them and our lighting collection was born. Sometimes I will see a hole in our assortment and work to develop a design that will fill that void while reflecting our aesthetic.”

See Katy’s work in the slideshow, where she shares more about her creative process and life has a artist and business woman.