On her first trip to Morocco, Emmy Ellison fell in love — with the people, the vibrant culture, and the country’s rich history. Soon, her vacation turned into much more. Emmy launched deMaroc Home, a collection of handmade vintage Moroccan rugs, poufs, and pillows. She has traveled extensively through the entire country, sourcing rugs and buying small quantities to bring back to the states. Each rug is crafted with 100% wool and goat hair and dyed with all-natural vegetable dyes. Each item is unique, featuring genuine berber symbols and ancient Moroccan motifs. We are big fans of her curated selection, and wanted to chat with Emmy to learn more:

Take us back to the beginning. What sparked the idea for deMaroc Home?
My passion for design and textiles can be traced back to my childhood. My mother was an interior decorator who curated a beautiful environment that I was fortunate enough to be raised in. Without knowing, it gave me an education on the importance of surrounding yourself with objects that bring you joy. Upon visiting Morocco for the first time, I fell in love with the people, the colors, and their culture. When it was time to leave, I was determined to bring their way of life into my world, thus deMaroc was born.

We’d love to know more about your travels to Morocco. What do you love most about the country?
The first visit was a great and powerful shock to me. I have been fortunate enough to be able to travel extensively, and yet landing in Marrakech for the first time awoke emotions, creativity, and passion that I had not felt before. The richness of their culture has been in the making for thousands of years and it is something you can really feel.

What would you tell someone who has never visited before? 
It is okay to be overwhelmed. Entering the souks for the first time is incredibly intense. The narrow maze- like streets, the sights, sounds and amount of people are hard to process. Go slow, explore, and allow yourself some time to get your bearings. 

How do you make your rug and pillow selections?
Instinct. For me, every rug I hand select in Morocco brings me joy. I fall in love with a piece and imagine where I could place it in my life. Sometimes a sliver of anxiety creeps in, because the thought of leaving it behind is not an option. That is when you know you have truly found something special.

 Why do you buy only a few at a time as opposed to in bulk?
Some buying trips I come home with 80 different pieces. Other trips, maybe only 20. Having a handpicked and curated selection is what sets me apart from others. I can’t imagine buying a rug that I don’t love. It can make this process harder on me, but in the end, it is worth it.

Tell us a bit about your collection with STRIIIKE. 
First and foremost, I love the sisters. The collaboration between Striiike and deMaroc is another example of how their innovated thinking as business women has set them apart from other salons. They had the foresight to understand that despite having different business models, you can still find a way to collaborate and support each other. They have helped my small business grow tremendously and I’m certain that their support has played a role in my success.

Do you have any favorites in the shop right now?
Ooooh that’s a tough one. It’s like picking your favorite child.  But with that said, I do love how perfectly the pale pink boujaad rug in the sitting area of Striiike seems to fit. The light colors with a medium pile showcases the power of how a beautiful rug placed in the right setting can transform a room. it’s incredibly welcoming and warm. It’s the perfect rug to greet you when you first enter Striiike. The sisters have done an incredible job making the salon feel like their home. So it’s only appropriate that when you first walk in it feels like their living room. This particular rug accomplishes that feeling.