Jeremiah Brent is the definition of a modern Renaissance man – he’s worked in fashion (assisting for Rachel Zoe no less!), has his own very successful design firm, stars on the hit show Nate and Jeremiah by Design. To add to the mix that he exudes charm and affability makes him even more of a favorite in our books.

 Although he’s able to design a room according to all sorts of styles, his personal point of view is clean, warm and masculine. Hence, why he’ll be speaking about “Eye on the Guy: Ultimate Home Décor & Fashion Trends for the Style Savvy Man” at AmericasMart on July 12th. There was so much we wanted to know on the topic, so we sat down for a one on one.

You manage your own firm, you have a TV show with your husband Nate Berkus, and a father of two to your beautiful daughter Poppy and newborn son Oskar – what is your average day like and how do you handle it all?

Like everything in life, you always have to find a balance, which I’m still trying every day to find. Even on the craziest work days, I always make time for our children, that is our number one priority. Maya Angelou once said “Do your eyes light up when your children walk in the room?” — I always make sure that the kids know I see them and love them. It’s the little pockets of joy that I really cherish and make my work days worthwhile.

Speaking of your very talented husband Nate Berkus, in Nate and Jeremiah by Design it seems as though you work well together on interior design projects. How do your styles differ and where do they converge?

Nate is very pragmatic. His design style skews a little more traditional and is deeply rooted in historical references. On the other hand, I’m definitely more emotional and cerebral about a space. I like to know how people feel in a space and what emotion is being evoked. I design homes based on the moments people imagine themselves living in it. I also skew a little more modern in my design aesthetic. Nate and I do some of our best work together because of that balance and juxtaposition. We listen to one another and at the end of the day, our priority is to help someone live a more beautiful life than they imagined for themselves. 

Does your style in design carry on into your wardrobe?

Absolutely, I always try to keep things neutral and timeless. I have definitely tried to be a little too adventurous in the past… lesson learned.

You’ve worked in both the fashion world and in design, how do they differ and how are similar as industries?

Fashion is basically art that you wear while Interior Design is art that you live in – they are both a form of expression. They are fast and ever-changing but the beauty of it is that both industries have the ability to bookmark a stage in your life and also represent who you are; past, present or future. 

You’ll be headed to Atlanta this July to speak on “Eye on the Guy: Ultimate Home Décor & Fashion Trends for the Style Savvy Man”. Do you feel like men are getting more stylish and design savvy?

Yes of course. I think everybody deserves to live beautifully and that idea has become more attainable from brands developing beautiful products at a more affordable price point. How you dress and how you live are both a reflection of how you see yourself and I think that’s being discovered by people more and more.

What do men seem to focus on the most as clients for the home?

They are definitely more pragmatic. The practicality of the space and, to some extent, technology are always at the top of the list. They love a plug.  

What is a characteristic of design that to you signifies something quintessentially masculine?

Structure and clean lines. There are colors that most people would describe as masculine but for beautiful design, I believe, you need a balance of masculine and feminine in your space.

How can designers and brands tap into the growing male interest in design?

I think a lot of men think that beautiful design always comes with a price tag — it doesn’t. Interior design is more about telling your story and curating who you are. Even if it’s just having a favorite chair or a vase that reminds you of that one trip you took to Mexico. Men tend to focus too much on practicality but I think we all deserve to have a little sentimentality in our lives, and you can easily achieve that through design.

Don’t miss Jeremiah’s panel discussion along with other guests Justin Williams, Cam Wolf, and Sid Mashburn on July 12th.