Like many among the artistically inclined, Kimmy Hogan first decided to apply her creative talents practically in commercial graphic design. The Australian based artist says, “Even after 10 years in the corporate industry, art never left my mind so I decided to use my skills in digital design to start illustrating and creating artwork.” The result is her unique style of fine art through digital illustration.

“Digital illustration is a tricky thing to explain,” she says. “The program I use allows me to draw using my hand motion with the mouse. So literally every line and shape is drawn with my ‘hand’ and the brush simulates my natural drawing style. I layer and layer shapes and colors until an image starts to emerge. I let the lines be loose and messy so it looks like a natural drawing/painting and I resist the urge to edit or neaten the lines. It took many years of digital illustrating to figure out what I wanted my art to look like and developing this particular style – and I think I’ve found a style that is truly unique to me.”

Viewing her work, Kimmy’s inspiration comes through clearly. She laughs, “Inspiration for the subject is very much of the botanical kind! Flowers, trees, nature – I always have my iPhone handy to snap pictures for future reference. I frequent my local florist every week and am always stalking florists on Instagram!” In addition to her botanical inspiration, Kimmy’s newest collection takes a new direction. “The female form has also been an influence and I’ve explored this further in my latest works. I have enjoyed mixing this with my floral style and creating something really different to my previous works.”

Her latest lookbook showcases this new collection. Styled by Kimmy’s agent and stylist, Julia Green of Greenhouse Interiors, Kimmy says, “It was the perfect amount of bohemian, eclectic, wild, high end, lavish and totally glorious – I couldn’t be happier with this shoot Julia has created.” See it in the slideshow!