If you don’t know already, what makes AmericasMart one of our favorite events of the summer is that it has some pretty inspiring speakers and events. It’s a lot of fun to attend!  On July 13th, AmericasMart will up their game by having legendary interior designer and TV-personality Nate Berkus host a Conversation about “Finding Your Signature Style, and Thriving in Today’s Design World”. In it, he’ll be helping us navigate the digital world, social media, and how to stay true to your brand in an industry that already has so many voices. It’ll be a fresh, insightful, and most importantly an exciting event that you won’t want to miss. We were given access to Nate before market to ask a few questions. We’re sure that this one won’t disappoint…

What is something that has inspired you the most this year?
I recently visited The Art Institute of Chicago to see the Brancusi exhibition. He’s one of my all-time favorite artists…seeing the pieces in person never gets old.

How are you pushing yourself out of your comfort zone these days?
Being a dad and a husband pushes me out of my comfort zone, every day! In the best possible way.

Yes! It must be a big transition that you and your husband are going through… What’s the best thing about working with Jeremiah?
We both love interior design; it’s what we do for work and in our spare time. We recently just finished renovating our home in LA and we were both obsessed with every detail throughout the process, right down to the studs.

That sounds like a memorable experience! How do your design points of view differ?
My first job out of college was at an auction house, where I learned all about the provenance and history of furniture, accessories, etc. Jeremiah, on the other hand, is unencumbered by rules…he likes pushing boundaries, and making unexpected choices. We fight about who is getting the last piece of pizza but when it comes to a paint choice or a finish – we usually agree.

Has anything changed design-wise since having your beautiful daughter Poppy?
Of course! It’s all about baby proofing the house and keeping her safe. I also never ever thought I’d be living with a ton of brightly colored plastic. We wouldn’t want it any other way

What aspect of coming to AmericasMart this July are you excited about?
I always love visiting Atlanta. My design firm has worked on several interiors there, so I’ll stop by to see some clients. I know that this market is going to be a good time!

Give us a little taste of what’s to come… Your talk will be about  “Finding Your Signature Style and Thriving in Today’s Design World” – what helped you find your style point of view when it came to your work?
Living in Paris for a year was hugely influential, as well as my travels to Mexico, Peru, and South East Asia. History, jewelry, architecture, you name it. It’s about finding what resonates – if you don’t really love something, it shouldn’t be in your home.

Lastly, if you’ve been to Atlanta before do you have a favorite shop, restaurant or bar?
I love Atlanta, I’m loyal to the Buckhead Diner and I will never forget my first time in the Swan house.