We’ve always been big fans of Kerri Rosenthal, an award-winning artist and talented interior designer based in Connecticut. We’ve toured her Westport concept gallery, we’ve obsessed over her design projects… we’ve even included her products on our holiday wish lists! Kerri — who got her start in the fashion industry — has a lot of exciting things happening in her (colorful) world. Her business has experienced great growth, and with it comes a rebrand, a new website, and a few exciting new products. We sat down with Kerri to learn more:

Please tell us about the change from XOKR to KERRI ROSENTHAL! What prompted the rebranding?
As our retail and online business has continued to experience huge growth, we have been preparing for our next pivotal phase as a company at a national and international level. It was the perfect time to focus on our core products and refine our vision for the future of our company. After that, it was really just simplifying everything. We took XOKR and all of the different divisions of our business and product offerings, and consolidated them under the brand name that was the core of our identity, started it all, Kerri Rosenthal.

The site is all new as well, correct? What do you love about the redesign?
The redesign gives you a more streamlined flow of all the happy products we want to share. Our goal was to make the home page really give you the same feeling of walking into my shop. The feeling of sunshine even during long New England Winters. 

You’ve recently partnered with Donghia. Tell us about the collection!
Our Donghia partnership is one that we are so proud of. We worked closely with their team and pulled together groupings from our 250 designs that reflect KR to a tee and the Donghia designer. Our newest collection is THE WOODS, a grouping of our colorful designs on heavy natural linen. The linen acts as a neutralizer of sorts and so the fabrics have a super sophisticated yet still oh so happy feel.

What has it been like working with Donghia? Do you have a favorite fabric in the collection?
The Donghia team, Dallas, Chicago, Dania, NYC, Tri-State, and Atlanta were so open and completely receptive to the Kerri Rosenthal Collection. They welcomed the sunshine that my collection brings with it. I always go back to my indigos. All of my fabrics are based on my paintings and that series is one of my favorites.

You also have a new approach to wall decor. We’d love to know more!  
We have invented a completely new product line which is Paperless Wallpaper by Kerri Rosenthal TM. We have taken the patterns from my wallpaper line and taken them off the paper! Now you can take the patterns themselves — all of which are derived from my paintings — and create the look of wallpaper without the cost, the labor and…..the paper. We zoned into designs from our wallpaper collection and removed the background, so it still gives you that lush wallpaper visual and feel. 

How do you see fans of your brand using the Paperless Wallpaper by Kerri Rosenthal TM  in their own home?
You can put them up and take them down and your walls are still in perfect shape.  They are great for bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens and anywhere!! They act like wallpaper just without the paper! Super chic, super fun, super happy!

Finally, how do you do it all? From art to design to your flagship store, we’d love to know a bit about a day in the life of Kerri.
Hmm a day in the life… Well, if you really want to know, I am usually up around 5AM reading and responding to emails; that is my way of starting the day. It’s when I think about all of the company divisions and organize my thoughts for what needs to be achieved. I reach out to clients and some even reply back at that ungodly hour! [I then] get my kids off to school and off I go to the shop and studio.

Every day is completely different and unpredictable because you never know who will walk in the door. It really is like a sitcom and I love that aspect of it. I get through it all with the help of my incredible team.

We work hard and we have fun doing it because every single one of us are so passionate about the brand. I think that is what makes “The Happy” that comes from my art and our products, The Happy is our DNA and I think its why our customers keep coming back for more.

I end my day with dinner with my husband, sometimes my teenage kids, and then some Southern Charm, Housewives, or Handmaid’s and Kerri out!

Be sure to see the new site + new collections by Kerri here