For those unfamiliar with Pulp Design Studios, you might be under the impression that Dallas and Seattle have nothing in common. But with locations in both cities, this boutique  firm has bridged the gap between the Lone Star State and the Emerald City, and they’ve done so with a hearty dose of style. Founded by an ever-dynamic duo (Beth Dotolo & Carolina V. Gentry) in 2007, they’ve created award-winning interiors across the country. And more recently, they’ve taken the brand to the next level — launching an online shop that brings their style directly to your home. We’re treating each of the owners to our #5MinutesWith questionnaire, and we think you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the similarities — and differences — in their answers:

BETH: “When I finally realized that you never really ‘arrive’, and that’s a good thing. We achieve our goals and then we set new ones. Life, relationships, and careers are a life-long hustle and it’s that continuous growth that keeps me fulfilled.”

CAROLINA: “Beth and I met working together at a design firm and always had our opinions on how things should operate, or how we would do things differently. One day, we were sitting in the car at a red light, after a terrible project installation and said to each other…’We can do this ourselves! We should start our own company!’ The light turned green and the rest is history.”

BETH: “I have a cup of coffee, kiss my husband & kids, and make a @pulpdesigns instagram post.”

CAROLINA: “Making my bed, it’s the first thing I do when I wake up. Then I check my phone/calendar for the day, followed by a workout.”

BETH: “Having a great life-work balance, doing what you love, getting the opportunity to travel and collect, while being surrounded by people that make you laugh.”

CAROLINA: “Doing something you are passionate about and getting paid to do it. It’s so exciting to see how our designs can affect people’s everyday lives. It is extremely rewarding!”

BETH: “My iPhone. It’s literally an extension of me and I feel lost without it.”

CAROLINA: “A giant glass of iced, black decaf tea and my iPhone. As a designer, I am always running around to showrooms, job sites, workrooms and client meetings, so I need to stay hydrated and connected at all times.”

BETH: “We actually just landed a dream collaboration with DXV by American Standard to design a set for their national ad campaign. We’d love the opportunity to collaborate with a great brand like DXV to design actual fixtures, furniture, and accessories. It’s a dream anytime we can collaborate with a company who champions and supports the designer, while focusing on quality and elevating the daily experience, because it completely aligns with our firm philosophy.”

CAROLINA: “We are currently collaborating with DXV by American Standard and it has been a dream! We designed a super cool set (if I do say so myself) for their national ad campaign, which will be revealed later this year. We are very excited about this opportunity with such a great brand! Honestly, I’m already collaborating with someone I love to work and create with. We dream to expand our brand so everyone can have a piece of it. That’s the real big picture dream!”

BETH (Seattle): “My happy place is Ocean City, New Jersey. It’s filled with childhood nostalgia for me and hasn’t changed a ton since I was a kid. Since I moved around as a child, it was my only constant, so it feels like home. Now, I get to bring my family there and it’s simply the best.”

CAROLINA (Dallas): “San Miguel De Allende for sure! I love everything about it, the people, architecture, colors, food and scenery. It’s such a magical place!”

BETH: “I block out time on my calendar and just work anyways. Our creative inspiration is our commerce, so we aren’t afforded the opportunity to find inspiration at our leisure. You just have to have to dig deep, get to work, and inspiration will come… It may take a little longer, but it’s within us all.”

CAROLINA: “I think about my travels and other cultures. All of the places I have been and how they inspired me at the time. It’s always inspiring to experience different cultures and ways of life.”

BETH: “That not everyone thinks and works the way I do. I have learned over the last 5 years that everyone has different strengths. Our business strategist had us take the Gallup StrengthsFinders assessment and it has been a key tool for us over the past few years, to not only help Carolina and I work better together and understand each other on a deeper level. But, it’s also helped us to strategize our staffing. I even had my husband take the assessment last year. Studying the results of others showed me that the things I thought were challenges are actually strengths! Seeing those strengths gives me a better appreciation of the people around me and helps me to leverage those strengths in others.”

CAROLINA: “The client isn’t always right. People hire you for a reason, and you should stick to what you believe is right for the project. Always trust your gut! That little voice inside you is always right!”

BETH: “Traveling the world with Carolina to explore new sources, touring our factories to do quality control on our products… all with our family in tow. Still working with amazing clients with an amazing team to hold to fort down and help execute our vision.”

CAROLINA: “Expanding our brand with every day lifestyle goods. It’s something that is currently in the works! We know that hiring a professional Interior Designer might not be attainable for everyone, but having a little piece of Pulp Design Studios can be. Our starburst hardware pulls are always selling out on our website, so we figured why not expand to additional lifestyle products.”

BETH: “Laugh. Whether working hard, spending time with your loved ones, having a great day, a bad day, or even an embarrassing moment it’s so important to laugh. Even laughing at the worst of situations has helped me to not dwell in the negative, and instead confront the worst, shake it off, and forge ahead.”

CAROLINA: “Stay true to yourself! Don’t worry about what others are doing….just do you! Just because something is working for someone else, that doesn’t mean it’s going to work for you.”

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