Breegan Jane is one to watch — she’s an interior designer, entrepreneur, mommy blogger, and lifestyle expert living in Los Angeles. She began her career in a unique field, working as creative director and marketing professional for a luxury yacht manufacturer. Since then, she’s done everything from designing creative music studios to managing international real estate projects, and she’s found loyal clients (and fans) in almost every industry along the way.

Of course, design isn’t the only noteworthy element of her career. The busy mom of two saw a void in the area of maternity advocacy, so she created a lifestyle blog to unite, support, and advise women through the journey of motherhood.

We were huge fans to begin with, but after reading her answers to our #5MinutesWith questionnaire, we’re officially inspired:

Being in a hospital room after giving birth to my second son and realizing that I, and I alone, was responsible for their lives and my own happiness. It was unfortunate because I should have been able to lean on others, but that just wasn’t the case. Moms will know the feeling: you become very “lionesque” once you give birth. I started to look at all I’d given up and everything about me that I’d doubted. In that moment I decided to assume my rightful place within my own life. I stepped into my power, and I’ve not looked back once since. My lightbulb moment was realizing that life is better lived on my own terms.

My day doesn’t begin until I’ve blasted my favorite music du jour! Music gets me going in the morning. It jumpstarts my creative process and sends a signal to my brain that we’re about to go full throttle. My current favorite is a song called Right Above It by Lil Wayne feat. Drake. It’s an oldie, but I like to refer to it as my own modern “Eye of the Tiger.”

Having the freedom and privilege to do what you love, and its ability to directly correspond with financial prosperity. It’s working diligently and relentlessly to pursue what you want, how you want it. Ultimately success is reaching the accomplishment but defining it using your own unit of measurement. Success is making the rules for your own pursuits.

A kaftan! Chances are if you see me in person, I’ll be donning a colorful, flowy kaftan. They are a staple in my wardrobe for many reasons. Kaftans are perfect for my lifestyle because I’m always on the go. Whether it’s at Breegan Jane office headquarters, onsite while designing, selecting marble or furnishings, or running around with my kids, I have to be ready to go at all times. I find it convenient to throw on a one piece outfit that feels like pj’s while appearing elevated and refined. It also allows me to express my artistic flair while focusing on more important aspects of my day.

Hands down I’d love to work with either a major retailer or design Meghan Markle’s baby room! My career spans the gamut in the world of design, and I’m excited to get more into product design. Whatever the collaboration, it will have to marry my two passions: helping people with an element of their lives, and my love for design. 

Ibiza. Everything about coastal living resonates with my being. The dark teal waters bring to life my favorite color in multiple shades; they speak to my heart in ways I cannot fully explain. I love that the restaurants are more cosmopolitan and sophisticated, but also family friendly. You really do see a lot of children engaging in more high-end activities and situations like cafe dining, boat cruises and trips, and even dance clubs on the beach. Children are everywhere there, and I wish the family friendly/kid accessible aspect was more prevalent in Los Angeles. 

I take a nap. I believe we have to respect our bodies and our limitations. It’s okay to have moments when you sort of flatline. I tell myself that this might not be my moment or my day, and that it’s okay to recognize that and give it space. You can’t have the good without the occasional bad, but maybe changing the language around it means tomorrow will be even better. It almost always is!

I’d tell myself not to minimize myself or my power for the sake of saving someone else’s ego. It’s something that many women feel inherently. We tend to make ourselves small by downplaying our strengths and qualities. Even simple things like not fully accepting a compliment by deflecting (“Oh no, I look like a slob today.”) It’s a bad habit we should break immediately. It isn’t humility, it’s shame-based and unnecessary. My advice would be to recognize what you’re proud of about yourself. Stand in what you do well, and don’t you dare let anyone, especially yourself, devalue it.

Continuing to follow and pursue my passions wherever they may lead! I have no idea where life is going to take me, but I hope I’m surrounded by friends and family. I have dreams of designing exquisite hotels, so if that’s the path I’m meant to take, I’ll be thrilled. If not, wherever I’ll be in 5 years will surely be an evolution of where I am currently, and I’m just as excited for it.

Don’t give up. We live in a world obsessed with social media and peering into the lives of others. It’s easy to feel as if everyone else is succeeding and you’re not. There have been several twists and turns in my career and creative endeavors. The truth is, failures and missteps have gotten me where I am now. If you fall down, get back up. If you hit a wall, keep pushing. Be resilient. Be persistent. Never, ever give up.