Putting a home together takes a lot of effort and know-how. When we see our favorite home decorating shows, it’s clear that the success of the end result has a lot to do with the renovations changes, of course, but styling is also a major factor. That myriad of small details makes a home feel like a home. But to know which pillows, which napkins, and accessories to buy can be daunting – too many microdecisions that can have us second-guessing ourselves. That’s where Interior Wanderer comes in. A new one-stop shopping destination to purchase already curated kits for your every styling need.

We spoke with the company’s founder, Adrian Dagli, to find out more about what makes this new concept so unique:

What inspired you to start this new endeavor?

There have been several points of inspiration throughout the past couple of years that ultimately led to offering styled home kits, but the biggest point of inspiration, aside from having a passion and love for styling spaces, came from hearing the many styling gripes from clients. For me, I have that issue with cooking. I don’t love it at all. My husband is a fantastic cook, so he tends to take that on for us. But after an injury last Spring, I was left to fill in the gourmet-level cooking gap. We were lucky to be gifted a meal kit during this time—I truly felt like a gourmet chef by the end. I wanted to provide that exact feeling to those who feel challenged by interior styling.

What makes Interior Wanderer different than the other online decorating services out there?

Typically, interior designers who work one on one with you start with big furniture first, helping you to crack your layout and big furniture aesthetic. Our Styled Home Kits assume you already own your big furniture—and potentially a neutral-toned sofa – in gray, cream, white, tan leather, etc. Because our Styled Home Kits layer onto your existing canvas, it allows you to get the polish of professional design, but without the big overhaul.

When it comes to our curation, we go beyond your typical big-box or trade store items and work closely with artisans around the globe to design and craft unique pieces for the home. Having a sense of history and a storied life helps bring uniqueness and charm that you otherwise wouldn’t find through bigger digital design platforms.

Where do you source your products and how do you select the pieces for each kit?

While we partner with big box stores like CB2 and Wayfair, as well as other trade accounts, we spend most of our time developing global partnerships and relationships—this is the most fun part. There are so many ways to connect and we love taking advantage of a variety of sources. This can also bring amazing stories to light, and we love sharing those alongside our curation—it carries more meaning for us.

In terms of the design process, we tend to locate an item or two that we absolutely love, and then build the kit around that. For example, we have a bathroom kit coming up in 2020 that is completely built around authentic vintage rugs, while our current entryway kit was built around the adorable, petite goat fur bench.  

When purchasing the kit, you don’t just get the products but also styling tips. Could you tell us more about what we can expect?

Since the kits are curated so that styling items can be mixed and matched to fit your space, we provide tips on how to combine certain pieces or how to further build out the kit.

Some kits will vary – can you explain what that might look like and how customers can know what they are getting?

The core of our kits will remain as-is such as featured items but if we see something we love and plan to swap an item out, we will send an email upon purchase of the kit with the swap details, so customers know ahead of time what to expect in their kit. Generally, people are purchasing our kits because they like the “vibe” so while staying true that, we’ve found that people like the idea of swaps and trust us to make these choices given how we’ve curated the overall look. 

How do you see Interior Wanderer evolving over time?

We’re planning to add more spaces (including outdoor!) and more options within each space. We want our aesthetic to evolve and expand over time. We want to grow an in-house roster of designers who will bring their own unique vision and curation.

Click on our slideshow to see some current kits available at Interior Wanderer!