It’s officially December, and with just a few weeks left until the holidays, gift purchasing is in full swing. Sometimes an idea for a present comes right away, way in advance. But usually, there’s just a few days left and you’re still at a loss. “This person has everything“; “their taste is so specific”; “they’re not big on gifts”… the difficulties abound. Our editors have been spending a fair amount of time over the past few months, curating a list of their gifting favorites. This week, we’ll be sharing 8 different guides to help you on your way to finding something truly special that will surely be a great hit for those important people on your list.

First up: “The Mother in Law” – she’s sophisticated, she loves a family gathering, she’s an impressive woman. Nevertheless, it’s hard to find a present that gets it just right: something special that will also appeal to her classic taste. Not everyone has a mother in law, but our list could easily also apply to other women that are important in your lives: your children’s school teacher, a coworker, a relative, and, of course, your own mother. It’s all about beautiful pieces that have a quiet beauty to them – ones that are neither too contemporary nor too traditional.

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