Oh, how we love when Fridays arrive. Of course, that love is even stronger when said Friday is leading up to a long, holiday weekend!! Since you’ll all likely have a little bit of extra time to browse the web, we’re here to share our can’t miss links from the week:

As we get ready for summer, we find ourselves really taking notice of our diets and exercise. So many of our friends are doing expensive juice cleanses, but that isn’t necessarily something we want to blow our budgets on. Luckily, Joy the Baker shared a delicious recipe for Apple Cucumber Celery Kale Ginger Juice (yes, you read that right!). Totally healthy, totally delicious, and totally our breakfast for the rest of the season!

As we shed that winter weight, we find ourselves wanting to update our wardrobe. Unfortunately, if you update each and every season- your bank account can really suffer. We love Real Simple for putting together this list of 5 Affordable Spring Outfits for the office! Personally, we LOVE number 5!!

Over at Apartment Therapy, we stumbled upon the most adorable bungalow tour. In addition to great style, this home is full of history. Wait until you find out where the floorboards came from!!

If you find yourself in an entertaining flurry when Monday rolls around- be sure to check out Brian Malarkey’s expert tips. This celebrity chef has a surprisingly easy approach to cooking and parties… and if we’re being honest, we have our fingers crossed for an invite to his next Seafood Sunday!

Once you have your menu and game plan squared away, you might want to look for decorations. Jordan of Oh Happy Day! posted an extremely helpful tutorial showcasing 4 different kinds of paper lanterns. SO cute and customizable- perfect for any event!

Be sure to tell us how you’re spending Memorial Day weekend! While you’re at it, we’d love to find out what your favorite links from the week are. Feel free to share them in the comments below. Happy Friday!!