Before 2014, you had two options when it came to framing artwork. Pray that a standard sized frame from your local art-supplies shop or IKEA would fit your recent flea market find or spend a good amount of money getting it custom framed. Since then, Framebridge has been a revolutionary and much more affordable way to properly display your favorite visual pieces. Not only do they custom frame, but they also curate a limited series of exclusive prints for purchase.

This time and it couldn’t have come soon enough, they’ve launched The Black Artists Print Shop where they are featuring eight exclusive prints by four female black artists: Paula Champagne, Shadra Strickland, Dawn Trimble, and Amira Rahim. These multi-hyphenate women (besides artists they’re also successful photographers, educators, designers) bring stunningly bold and unique artwork to your walls.

Head to our slideshow to see a few of our favorites!