Drapery and window shades are one of those things in interior design that can be so much more complicated to achieve well than you’d think. Finding the right hardware that is compatible with the curtain, too much overhang, limited fabric options… there is a myriad of small hurdles to jump over to get a successful result. That’s exactly what interior designer Haley Weidenbaum realized from working with her clients and the positive feedback she received on Instagram over her window treatments. Thus she started with her husband, a graphic designer, Everhem – a solution for designers and the general public alike to shop for shades and curtains, without the hardship.

Everhem’s offerings breakdown into three overarching options: drapes, roman shades, and woven wood shades. Within each of those, there are numerous parts that you can customize to achieve exactly what you are looking for. The drapes, for example, come in three different hardware styles of which there are three finishes, twenty-five different fabric options, two linen sheers, three pleat styles, and two lining options. After you’ve selected their appearance, it then takes you through a series of easy to figure out steps to ensure that you are getting the right size and proportions. Fourteen business days later your dream drapery is shipped and ready to be installed – no more chasing down two of the same drape panels from different stores, no more heading to stuffy showrooms to get overpriced treatments, or finding a friend that can hem them for you. Super simple.