Have you ever wondered who’s behind the scenes at Rue? We’re a small but mighty team, and to make sure there is fresh content for you each day — we all have vibrantly different tasks and to-do lists. We thought it was high-time to introduce ourselves! First up, we’re talking with our market editor, Victoria de la Camara. (Perhaps you remember her minimalist home in Madrid?!) She’s the gal who makes sure we’re sharing the newest products, and really sets the tone for the trends we feature. (She’s also, above and beyond, the most fashion-forward gal of the group.) Read on to learn more about Victoria — and what exactly a market editor is.

What is a market editor?
As a market editor it is my job to be on top of both trends and products that are new for interior design. I have to know the classics, whether it is a Berger chair or Prouvé Swing Lamp, but also see how new products on the market are evolving. At Rue, I am in charge of conceptualizing and selecting the products for the market pages. I also write 2-3 articles per week on Rue Daily.

What is your background?
I got into design unintentionally—I actually studied Politics and Russian at NYU. When I rented my first apartment while at college, I was excited to explore a new way of self expression. That, along with the fact that I met Lonny founder Michelle Adams, inspired me to educate myself in interior design during my free time. I then started working at Jonathan Adler as a sales associate, helping shoppers figure out how to make their own spaces look well designed. After college, I interned at Lonny while looking for other jobs in branding and fashion, but then just fell in love with editorial work in interior design. Six months later, I became an integral part of Lonny’s original editorial team— it soon became apparent that I had a sharp eye for trends and product. When Lonny took a short hiatus, I took that time to really develop my own point of view by blogging. That’s when Rue’s Editor in Chief, Crystal Palecek offered me a place as an editor, and I’ve been here ever since (over five years now!). Since then, I have completed the first year of a masters in interior design at the IED, in Madrid. It really showed me how much I love product design.

What does your typical workday look like?
The first thing I do when I wake up is check Instagram—seeing what others are achieving is both a great tool to discover new brands for Rue as well as get inspired to start my day. I then take my dog out for an hour long walk, have breakfast and sit down for 8 hours with a lunch break in between. I take lunch time seriously, so it’s the perfect time to try out a new recipe or prepare one of my favorite dishes. Most of my day is spent either writing articles, coordinating future stories or browsing blogs, Pinterest and sites to keep up with what’s current.

For many, staying on top of trends can feel overwhelming. How do you do it?
Some are very obvious and aren’t difficult to figure out. But generally speaking, I love it when I see something that feels so fresh and unusual. Most days that means going down the rabbit hole of Pinterest and Instagram. However. going to trade shows, especially the ones here in Europe like Maison & Objet, really help me see what’s completely new. I remember discovering RabLabs several years ago at the New York Gift Show. The whole geode and agate trend hadn’t caught on yet, but I was really taken by how simple yet glamorous Anna’s designs were. We put it in the magazine, and the rest is history. Now everyone knows about agate in home decor.

What’s the top thing you look for in interior decor trends?
It has to be contemporary. Even if I come across a piece that has a traditional profile, I ask myself whether this would work in a contemporary setting. The second thing I look for is whether it’s pushing the boundaries of design. Am I seeing something new? Does it have interesting lines or is it made of a new material? Is this color something I haven’t seen too much of before?

Have you come across anything as of late that’s stopped you in your tracks?
Workstead’s Helios Lamp. The combination of materials, along with the mechanism of reflected light on the brass plate make it something truly unique. It’s like a sculpture and a lamp all in one.

Finally, what’s a little known fact about you?
I was a serious gymnast up until I was 13. I came in 1st on the balance beam and floor in Spain. I was 2nd all around, two years in a row. It’s funny how you can live so many lives in one lifespan.

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