Often we think that adding architectural character to our homes will cost a fortune and require a specialist. Perhaps you’ve been saving images of Haussmann-style apartments through Instagram or have a separate board on Pinterest just for charming Modern Farmhouse spaces. It’s clear that whether you are a Bohemian at heart or gravitate towards Vintage Industrial, it takes great “bones” to have a well-designed space. We want to point out that it takes neither a huge amount of time, nor a specialist, nor your entire nest egg to get that kind of charm in your home. Metrie’s Option {M} has revolutionized how designers and homeowners alike can add moldings, baseboards, and casings to their spaces – and they even have simplified it through breaking it down according to style.

Cathy and Garrett Poshusta, the husband & wife team behind the inspirational blog The GRIT and Polish have put together a perfect example. Wanting to sell their home, they decided that their master bedroom lacked visual interest and decided to use Metrie’s Option {M} “Shabby Chic” mouldings to completely transform the space. (You can check out the video at the end to see how it was before!). Within 3-4 days they had completed their wall design that gave prominence and class to their originally simple room.

If a more modern profile is more of your jam, then you can see how they installed moldings from the “Vintage Industrial” style of Option {M} to give their modern dining nook a layered feel. There are also other styles – “Country”, “Bohemian”, “New Traditional”, “Modern Farmhouse”, and of course, “Shabby Chic”. Each showcase a combination or assortment of interior finishings that can help support your space’s architectural style. It takes out the guesswork of how to pair certain architectural features with the bones of your house.

Click through our slideshow to see how Cathy and Garrett of Grit and Polish used Option {M} to make their home a standout seller in their neighborhood. And find out which profile works best for you!

*Metrie’s Option {M} styles may vary by region