In a world where we get so much of our interior design inspiration from digital sources such as Pinterest, Instagram, and even, it has us wonder what place coffee table books have nowadays. That thought immediately desists with just a glance at the tangible beauty of the many elegantly crafted tomes on design. There’s a visceral aspect to them that appeals – to be able to physically hold something in your hands and glide through the matte cotton pages. There’s also the mental aid of seeing interior spaces organized is such a way that deepens our experience. The coffee table book is here to stay and there’s a new release that just landed on our desks: Designing Your World

With a greige linen-clad cover, this impressive book is an anthology of the Dutch designer Marcel Wolterinck. It explores more than twenty new projects by the designer and his firm ranging from yachts to countryside villas outside of Amsterdam, and ski chalets in the French Alps. 

We are taken through a range of Marcel’s work, letting us explore a unique design point of view translated into different settings and clients. The designer and his firm’s projects also offer a slight departure from the minimalist, rustic style that predominates Dutch interiors, and give us something that feels more polished and contemporary, although still based in nature. 

Beyond interior spaces, we’re also given a look at the landscapes that he and his firm have created as well as all of the products that they have designed for world-renowned brands. The book is a complete look at Marcel’s brilliant mind from which beauty emanates whether that’s a villa in Punta del Este, Uruguay, or a table setting for Serax.