In one of Milan’s quintessential gray shuttered buildings made of limestone, is a petite boutique that is a jewel box of fragrance. Those that have traveled to Italy know that rare is the brand that doesn’t pay attention to the utmost detail. From beautifully buffed leather shoes to a creamy burrata, one glance is enough to see that there isn’t just expertise going into the crafting of a product but decades if not centuries of heritage. When it comes home fragrance, CULTI Milano is no exception. Born out of architect Alessandro Agrati’s passion for the importance of scent in the home, the brand has been a symbol of high-end fragrance for the past 30 years. And what distinguishes them amongst many is that they feature just 16 different options.

According to Alessandro, it can take up six years for them to perfect a fragrance. Nothing is haphazard or done without context. The master perfumer is inspired by natural surroundings, such that “Mountain” – featuring notes of cedar, cardamom, and vetiver – was conceived while at his ski chalet. “Mareminerale” conjures up the scent of the Italian coast and “‘Oficus” an orchard.

But it’s not just the fragrances that have been thoroughly conceived. CULTI is one of the first brands to ever use rattan sticks to diffuse their scent – something that is part of the high-quality experience that you get when you purchase one of their diffusers. For the majority of us, a trip to Italy isn’t in the near future, but perhaps bringing a taste, or a note, of Milan to our homes will fulfill our wanderlust.