As my due date (April 5th!) rapidly approaches and I enter my final weeks of pregnancy, I wanted to share the items that have helped me get through these nine months. On the one hand, pregnancy has been an incredibly positive experience in my life but has also been challenging, too (severe morning sickness, learning to give up control, coping with weight gain, and fear of the unknown). For that reason, comfort and serenity have been the two things I’ve reached for most during this time, whether that’s in the things I wear or the products I rely on at home. Here’s what I’m glad to have discovered along the way:

1. Blanqi “High Performance” Belly Lift & Support Leggings: It’s safe to say that I’ve lived almost exclusively in leggings for the past nine months. As my body began to expand, I simply wanted to be comfortable all day every day and couldn’t even be bothered with maternity jeans (though I did purchase these and have heard amazing things about these). The nylon and spandex blend of these Blanqi leggings gives a lifted, supportive feel, which has been wonderful at a time when you tend to feel like everything is just hanging out. I rotated these with my cotton Splendid Maternity Leggings when I wanted a more relaxed feel for times like lounging around the house.

2. Alfani Poncho Turtleneck Sweater: I relied heavily on the baggy top + leggings look this pregnancy, especially during the first half when I wasn’t quite showing yet but didn’t fit into my usual wardrobe. I looked for long, flowy and forgiving tops like this, this, and this.

3. Kumi Kookoon Silk-Filled Eye Mask: Not unlike most pregnant woman, I’ve suffered from pregnancy insomnia on and off for most of my pregnancy. You learn your own coping mechanisms along the way (somehow eating a bowl of cereal at 4am always helped me fall back asleep) and one of those for me was sleeping with this silk eye mask. The ultra soft silk instantly relaxed me and helped to block out the street lights that would stream into our bedroom through the sides of our curtains.

4. Kari Gran Lip Whip: A little known fact to first time pregnant woman is that it’s not uncommon to be stuffed-up in the nose for most of the pregnancy (as known as “rhinitis of pregnancy”). For me, this meant I had to breathe through my mouth to compensate, leaving my lips extra dry. I keep this lip balm on my nightstand and lather it on before bed each night. It leaves your lips silky smooth and has the prettiest pink tint to keep you feeling beautiful during a time when you don’t always feel your best.

5. Honest Organic Belly Balm: When it comes to stretch marks, I believe genetics are what truly determine if you get them or not, so I haven’t bought into the prevention cream promises. That being said, I do think it’s important to keep your growing belly hydrated (to prevent itching) and this belly balm feels so soothing to stretching skin.

6. Bump Nest Pregnancy Pillow: The further into my pregnancy I progress, the harder it is to get comfortable at night. Pair that with the “no sleeping on your back” rule doctors insist upon and bedtime can somehow become another thing to cope with. But my Bump Nest pillow has helped so much with that. It’s super soft, very pliable, and makes you feel cocooned in comfort.

7. Mint Tea: One of the hardest parts of pregnancy has been giving up my beloved coffee addiction. And even worse, for the first 25 weeks of pregnancy just the smell of coffee, much less the taste, repulsed me thanks to a heavy dose of morning sickness. But I missed having a routine cup of something to help anchor my mornings (and I was sick of ginger tea with the nausea) so I developed a new found love and appreciation for mint tea. It gave me something to look forward to, provided a substitute to my coffee ritual, has calming effects and helps promote digestion. During pregnancy I started carrying around a few extra mint tea bags in my purse because I never knew when I’d need a cup to help with my nausea.

8. Elegant “Notes” Journal: When I first learned I was pregnant, I bought a journal to record all the new emotions, discoveries, and events along the way. I’d highly recommend purchasing a new journal specifically for pregnancy musings. Already I enjoy reading back on the day we found out we were pregnant and the moment we learned we were having a boy. I would have forgotten so many of the little details had I not written them down.

9. Belabumbum “Eva Chemise” Nighty: I am so happy I discovered this line! If you haven’t gathered by now, comfort has been a top priority of mine during pregnancy…and especially while lounging at home. Belabumbum makes the softest pajamas and nighties that make you feel beautiful and stylish at the same time. I’ve stocked up on a few of their styles and even wear them all day long on an occasional lazy day at home!