Ah, the beauty of terrazzo… It’s a material that has had an astounding resurgence over the past couple of years, becoming a sure-fire way to make designs feel on-trend. Invented in Venice in the 15th century, workers used to take the leftover small pieces of marble and other high-end stones and lay them flat in a composite of clay. Today, cement replaces the clay, but the concept is the same.

A beautiful material for floors, walls, and countertops, it gives interiors both an earthy and graphic quality. For those of us not yet able to go through renovations, we’re sharing 9 of our favorite terrazzo-centered pieces that don’t require any demo.

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  1. Small Terrazzo Vase, $20, Madewell x Capra Designs: this vase, designed by the Australian outdoor-focused brand, has unique rainbow-colored flecks.
  2. Terrazzo Print Case, $18.70, GalleryNo5: durable and stylish, this turquoise terrazzo printed mobile phone case will keep your phone protected.
  3. Kiliim Terrazzo Floor Cushion Cover, $95, MadeTrade: not everything has to be so literal. This cotton pillow has been woven by Egyptian artisans and features a clever reinterpretation of terrazzo’s pattern.
  4. Terrazzo Pot Red, $87, XLBloom: bring in a dose of pattern to your indoor plants.
  5. Terrazzo Hook, $38.65, Zakkia: this Australian brand has designed a collection of wall hooks that are the perfect subtle to a hallway, bedroom or bathroom.
  6. Stella Terrazzo Lamp, $298, Anthropologie: with a painted base and linen shade, this midcentury-style lamp will dress up any side table, buffet or dresser.
  7. Galactic Terrazzo Dog Food Bowl, $39, Four Legs FourWalls: even Fido deserves a bowl that is on-trend.
  8. Como Coffee Table, $1,158, Bolia: this table comes in various sizes, base and terrazzo colors.
  9. Confetti Indoor/Outdoor Side Table, $3,200, Laun: handmade in Lose Angeles, this piece is as much of a work of art as it is a side table.