We love when design has a sense of humor, whether it’s in interiors or fashion. Centinelle fits the bill!! The heirloom scarf line was launched a year ago by Cristina Rose-Guízar, an immigrant, animal lover, and total boss. She was raised in Mexico and grew up enamored by her mother’s scarves. In fact, she admits to still raiding her mother’s collection — which is why every Centinelle piece can be passed onto the next generation.

Aside from their high quality, each scarf is really unique and has the aforementioned sense of humor we love. Our personal favorite is the Tuxedo Cat Dancing. When it’s fully open, you see the funniest/cutest cats dancing their little hearts out. Yet when you wear it around your neck or as a headscarf, the patterns fold into beautiful colors. It’s like a fun little secret. Other scarves include wild mushrooms, synchronized swimmers, and donkeys.

Right now, Centinelle is donating $1 to the SF SPCA for every Instagram post featuring a scarf + the hashtag #putascarfonit. It wraps up on the 22nd, so be sure to snag one before then! We’re sharing a few of our favorites alongside Cristina’s inspiration for each in the slideshow. Enjoy!