The best thing about having lived in the same place for several years is that eventually, it’s time for a room update. Rue’s Marketing Associate, Kat McEachern, has been in her home for three years and is itching for something new. Here’s how she’s thinking of restyling her space:

I love the look of natural materials but absolutely require color in living space. Sound like a contradiction? It doesn’t have to be. The key is mixing up natural materials with modern shapes and bright colors with organic fibers. I’m also lucky to have a large living room and try to entertain friends frequently, so I need flexible options. These selections from homeware would give me the bright and natural look I crave.

1. This peacock blue armchair makes a bold statement to layer a room around and the pewter nailheads add a touch of elegance.

2. To ground the natural feel, a distressed coffee table. I’ve always loved the mix of antiqued metal and faded wood.

3. Multifunctional pieces are key so I would use this teak cube as a foot rest, stool, and (with a tray on top) as a side table. The individual pieces of wood are completely organic but the overall shape is modern.

4. Lighten it all up with a geometrically shaped lamp that adds interest quietly.

5. Now to add a bright, bright statement: a geometric patterned pillow. This fuchsia won’t be too girly for my fiancé and will satisfy my need for saturation.

6. Another hit of color comes from teal vases that tie in the armchair’s color. Can’t you just imagine them with some full white peonies?