Is there anything more iconic than the 70s? Its influence on fashion and interiors has transcended generations. When we heard Art Hide and Amigos de Hoy were doing a collection inspired by the opulence of the decade, we were ready to disco! Okay, maybe we didn’t put on our dancing shoes but we did get our credit cards ready. We’re chatting with Founder Kura Perkins with Creative Director Bree Hay-Hendry, to learn more, and sharing a few of our favorite pieces in the slideshow:

Hi ladies! We’d love to know, what was the initial inspiration behind the new collection?
Bree: Opulent 70s hotels, off-duty Mick Jagger, Marianne Faithful, Jimmy Hendrix and David Bowie. All the bands you would see in the most decadent 70s hotels living fabulously! We took in rich jewel colours from that era in retro patterns. All with touches of gold and glimmer.

Tell us a bit about the creative process. What does it look like, from idea to prototype to final product?
Both: We usually start a range by looking at colour direction for styles, where we might like to go that season, and colors we don’t currently have in the range. Color is one of the most important things for us to get right, so it has to come first!

Once we work out what colors we really need to see in the range, we will move on to what they might represent in an artistic impression. For instance, this season we really wanted to do a deep teal and a rich terracotta. Seeing them together, it really reminded us of the decadent 70s, rich rock n roll vibes, so we started researching patterns and picking up influences from that era. So after colour, then comes patterns and then techniques. 

We really wanted to capture some glimmer from that decade – so we starting exploring technique with metallics through the hide, which gave rise to our amazing Estrella rug. We usually like to really push our leather makers to do something different, so we will trial a lot of techniques and patterns before we decide what will work in a rug. Then we will roll out the best into the range.

Your leathers are ethically sourced. What does this mean?
Kura:Art Hide’s premium quality cowhide is sourced as a by-product of the meat industry from regulated tanneries, where methods involved in tanning and dyeing are always safe for workers and are non pollutant. 

We’re proud to work with the most talented leather craftspeople and the most reputable suppliers. Everything we do is vetted for quality, safety and sustainability. Our makers and the tanneries are all ISO certified – this is an international quality and standards benchmark.

Inferior hide rugs usually use cheap cotton thread that unravels and snaps, causing the rug to come apart. Often the hide has a dull quality and may smell because of substandard tanning practices and/or may thin very quickly. Many are produced from factory scraps in India or Bangladesh, where unregulated tannery conditions are polluted and dangerous for workers.

We know it’s hard to play favorites… but if you had to?
Kura: I love the Largo rug in teal from Art Hide. Bree loves to tease me about the fact that when I first saw the small color swatch come in, I didn’t think much of it and yet it has been so huge as it’s that perfect deep shade, that strikes a match between masculine / feminine/ exotic yet elegant.

Bree: I love the Hawkwind rug from Amigos de Hoy. It’s a beautiful muted green and cream palate using our block printing technique, with our signature metallic woven through the base and soft peach tassels. It hits all the style notes yet has an incredible price point.