This fall, we had the opportunity to participate in an irreplaceable video and branding workshop with lifestyle expert Kelley Moore. We’re so thrilled that this 3 day class, And We’re Live, is hitting the road and coming to a city near you! So… what exactly IS And We’re Live?

These days, many brands, businesses, and websites are turning to video as opposed to written content… and if you want your brand to grow, you’ve got to keep up! Whether it’s a quick “About Us” biography or a 3 minute recipe, video has become a crucial building block for success. Most audiences have developed a very short attention span, and videos are a great way to secure their notice before they move onto the next thing. However, video- and branding in general– can be extremely intimidating, confusing, and flat out overwhelming. If you’re a blogger, business owner, or just hoping to make your TV debut- this workshop is for you.

In a whirlwind three days, Kelley and a select group of industry experts completely shifted our perspective on branding and videos. On Day One, we learned how to define & refine our brand through a series of individual and small group exercises. In addition, a few inspiring speakers joined us to share their success stories. Many of us had never even thought of the word brand when it came to our work, but we left with a clear understanding and an inspired perspective. Day Two was all about pitching- yourself, your business, your concept, and your brand. If you have a business, website, or blog- you need to be able to “sell yourself” to make it successful. Kelley (and a few other media professionals) not only taught us how to do this, but gave us the confidence to actually apply it to the real world. Day Three might have been the most fun… and what the first two days prepared us for. We received professional hair and makeup, met our film crew, and were in front of the camera before you could say “Action!” After the video, we were whisked away to have a professional headshot taken as well. At the end of day three, we felt like WE were the television and branding experts!!

Truth be told, this workshop was exactly what we needed. We were coached by a television insider, spoke with working industry professionals in TV and print, had one-on-one brand consulting, and left with on-camera experience. Needless to say, in addition to heading home with professional videos (coming to Rue Daily soon!) and head shots- we really had a clear understanding of our brand, what we’re trying to do, and why we do it. The value of the workshop is unparalleled, and for a new or growing business- couldn’t be a better investment. We could not give a higher recommendation for this workshop and the knowledge we took away from And We’re Live. A huge thank you to Kelley & everyone involved!

For more information on And We’re Live, or to sign up for a class in your city, click here.