Certain silver linings need to be found when circumstances are as grim as what we are all going through this 2020. One that we’ve leaned into is self-care. All this time spent at home has opened up a few spots for things that we previously might not have had time for – most notably, a spa day. Whether you have just 20 minutes to spare, or a couple of hours, we’re sharing five products that will transform your skin, making you the envy of any Zoom call or in-person holiday family gathering. No filters needed.

Our picks are from the beauty-expert lauded brand Dr. Dennis Gross. What makes this an industry-insider favorite is that his products are based on science, not marketing. A board-certified dermatologist and dermatologic surgeon who has been in practice for 25 years, Dr. Gross has developed his line of products based on expert knowledge and experience. His at-home daily peel has become a cult-classic!

Put on some comfy loungewear and cozy slippers and let’s get started on your best skin:

Alpha Beta Ultra Gentle Daily Peel 30 Pack, $88: Dr. Dennis Gross’ most famous product has its cult-status for a reason. This peel works. Gentle enough for even those with very sensitive skin to use, its two-step process melts away dead skin cells leaving you with glowing, smooth, and fresh skin. Although it’s called a “daily” peel, we’ve found that using it every two to three days gives the best results and stretches the time frame before you have to re-up on your supply. And trust us, you’ll want to.

Hyaluronic Marine Meltaway Cleanser, $40: Even those who rarely have an issue with dry skin need to be mindful of maintaining their skin’s natural moisture barrier during the winter months. This cleanser does what it’s supposed to – dissolves makeup and gives your pores a deep-cleaning – while also ensuring that you get none of that tightness that comes with too much astringency. Its balmy texture will be extra-welcome for those who suffer from dehydrated and dry skin.

DRx SpectraLite Faceware Pro, $435: Skincare devices can often be a hit or a miss. This LED light mask, though, is the real thing. So much so, that one of the pioneers of LED light therapy, celebrity aesthetician Joanna Vargas named it as one of her top at-home LED masks. Put it on for just 3-6 minutes and over the next couple of weeks watch as your acne and inflammation disappear. This one worked wonders on skin issues such as hormonal acne and rosacea.

Hyaluronic Marine Oil-Free Moisturizer, $60: This moisturizer contains Japanese marine algae which is fortified with essential amino acids and B vitamins to improve skin’s elasticity and moisture. Its consistency is lightweight and becomes velvety when applied. We recommend this cream for those who have slightly dry to combination skin, as it is lightly moisturizing.

C + Collagen Brighten & Firm Vitamin C Serum, $78: During these fall and winter months, more than ever we can all use some brightness to our otherwise quite dull skin. Dr. Gross’ Vitamin C serum not only achieves that, but also goes on smoothly with a gel-like consistency and a sweet earthy scent.