Yankee Candle® is sort of the OG of home fragrances. For years, the candle company has been a reliable way to fill your home with the scents of the season. And most of us can name our favorite fragrance without even thinking. (I personally think Lavender Vanilla is intoxicating, and never let the holidays pass without lighting Cinnamon Stick.)

Today, we’re sharing some exciting news for those who love great design. This July, Yankee Candle® is getting a brand new look! (You can catch a glimpse in the photo above.) Yankee Candle’s 40-year legacy is refreshed and updated! Don’t worry, though… the quality won’t change a bit. The new look will begin to appear on all fall/holiday fragrances starting in July 2016 and will expand to all fragrances during 2017. We can’t wait!

To learn more about Yankee Candle® and get shopping, click here. Thank you to Yankee Candle® for providing us with the fragrances that will fill our homes – and our entire season – with comfort.