It would seem intuitive that when you are putting together a well designed space that you’d go to your favorite design stores and invest in those pieces that really speak to you. There’s no denying that for a contemporary home, brand new furniture with it’s shiny new patina should be the building blocks for a great design. However, our experience has proved that too much of one thing can be a bad thing- when every surface is highly polished, every piece of upholstery perfectly tailored, the room might look coordinated but it lacks soul. We believe that every room should have a couple of pieces that will wear well with time. Homes are meant to be interacted with so be mindful of how your family or friends will feel when they come into contact with your furniture.
You could head to your local flea market or your favorite antique store to buy something with that worn appeal, but we believe that there are new pieces which purposefully have a faded or rough look that give off that desired stylishly low key look. In the slideshow are a few of our favorite examples.