With his love of grays and layered textures, we can never get enough of Nate Berkus’ work. We’ve featured Nate’s interiors in the past, including this stunning small-space makeover he designed for his assistant and his own home in the Hollywood Hills. Thanks to his collaborations with Target, his designs aren’t out of reach. And lucky for us, the latest collection is now in stores! Our only challenge is deciding which to bring home.

This is your Winter 2016 collection. How did the snowy season affect your designs?
When it’s cold and gray outside, you really want your home to feel full of energy but cozy at the same time. I included a lot of textures and mixed finishes in this collection… things like rope, palm leaf, wovens, also fringe and metallics. So much was inspired by my travels to places like Peru and Mexico. I love those reminders, of places you’ve been or would love to visit. Especially during the winter.

This collection focuses on the smaller accent pieces that really can give a room its personality. What are your tips for creating cohesion in a room?
For me a successful interior is always one that tells the story of the people who live there. Well-chosen accessories that you love and that add personality…things with patina and lots of texture. One of my favorite finishes this season is fringe. I used it in a table runner, as well as unexpectedly on a footstool. It feels luxe and well-traveled. Paired with a hand woven rug, leather and wood finishes, and chunky throws, you’ll create a room that feels cohesive but also layered and personal. And a room you are happy to spend hours in!

With so much going on career-wise, you must spend a lot of time on the go. Yet you’ve been promoting a campaign to get us to put down our devices, correct?
I’ve been supporting the #DevicesDown campaign spearheaded by Finny, an educational app. It’s something I’m really passionate about… being more mindful of how I use my time; getting off my devices and spending quality moments with my family. Being a husband and father really changes you that way.

We love that. Thank you for your time, Nate!

Click below to find details on Nate’s latest collection. We call dibs on the candle holders!