We all care about the environment, but how much that concern affects our design decisions varies greatly. The drought in California, the hurricanes in New York, and those sad pictures of polar bears stranded on ice-flows are really convincing us that we need to start changing our lifestyles.

The reality is that whether you are super environmentally conscious, or it’s not a top priority for you, if something you love is made in a responsible, less harmful way, it’s always a plus. Of course, eco-friendly design hasn’t yet reached the level of offering as many options of great design as we’d like. But we’re here to tell you that there is at least one company that pulls aesthetics and responsible manufacturing off without a hitch – Lee Industries.

Now before you click through to the slideshow and check out their awesome pieces (trust us, when it comes to upholstery they are one of our favorites!), find out why their products have so much more to love than just their look.

Here’s what you need to know:

  • Sustainable design is something that has been designed and/or manufactured in a way that has environmental benefits, whether that means using recycled materials, or those that can be easily renewed.
  • Whereas most cushions that you buy are made purely of petroleum compounds, Lee Industries’ pieces, for example, are made with 30% soybean oil.
  • Petroleum-based products are not only harmful to you, but they are also made from crude oil, which is a non-renewable source. For every million pounds of petroleum-based polyols replaced, 2,200 barrels of crude oil are saved.
  • Look for furniture that is made in America. Not only does it benefit the local communities it also means that your piece has been made under ethical work standards. No gray areas there.
  • Reclaimed doesn’t always mean rustic: Lee Industries’ furniture is made with recycled springs, wood for the frames and fill for the armrests but the look is 100% new. You would never have known that its parts had a previous life.
  • Look for pieces that are well-made. Not only will it look better in your home but you’ll have it for more years, which means fewer items ending up in land-fills.