Yes, we like to take risks — play with color or try a bold pattern. But, the reality is that more often those risks end up having little success, especially when we look back at them a few years later. It’s possible to wear an updated outfit or design a modern space without it feeling too trendy, and staying within the realm of timelessness. We loved this outfit (from ASOS) and room (by Amber Interiors) pairing for exactly that reason.

1. A contemporary classic – both the room and the kitchen feel updated. The cut of the top just like the waterfall island feel current. But the choice of materials and palette keep it classic. You can’t go wrong with white and gray.

2. A hint of warmth – whether it’s a tanned skin tone or wooden stools, gray and white need a warm tone. If you are very fair, this outfit might not be for you. Luckily everyone can bring in a bit of wood into their home to bring in an earthiness to an all white and gray space.

3. A dose of glamour – no more, no less. Whether it’s a metallic stiletto or a marble island, having one glam element is enough, no need to add more in the form of oversized jewelry or glitzy pendants hanging from the ceiling.