Next month, our Market Editor, Victoria de la Camara, will be designing a vignette for this summer’s market at AmericasMart. Together with six other designers, each space will showcase a concept based on WGSN’s Autumn & Winter 2017/2018 trend report using AmericasMart products. Before setting everything up in the next few weeks, she shares with us her inspiration for the vignette.

Whenever I get to design something, there’s that excitement about endless possibilities and options. The theme that we will be basing our vignette on is Earthed. The original trend is all about unfinished materials, ceramics, wood and a neutral palette. This concept is way up my alley, so I was really looking forward to seeing in what direction I was going to take it.

Being a minimalist and modernist at heart, I instantly gravitated towards those clean, Japanese earthy spaces with partitions and plenty of unfinished woods. They even have a design term that I wanted to operate from — wabi-sabi. It means an aesthetic appreciation for those items that aren’t perfect. If we can say anything about the beauty in nature, it’s that its imperfection is what draws us in and makes the experience feel authentic. No two leaves or roads or blades of grass are exactly alike. Naturally then, this concept of wabi-sabi fits perfectly.

The second source of inspiration was Belgian design — their design has a monastic feel, especially in those spaces that are based in the countryside. So whether it’s a dining table or a bathroom, it’s all about celebrating natural materials and simplicity. This is why the work of designers like Axel Vervoordt will be a big source of influence for this vignette. I love the use of limewash, and will try to imitate that with Portola’s Sandstone finish acrylic paint for the walls and their Limewash paint for the floors (it’s really only for walls, but I want to create a cement look).

Check out the slideshow for a selection of some of the items you can get at AmericasMart that fit my concept as well as some of the drawings I’ve created and inspiration images.