In our latest issue, our editors shared the top trends that they’ve recently become obsessed with. We wanted to showcase styles that felt a bit fresh to us, either because they had a new spin on them (such as modern pink) or because they were about tackling an area of the home that was new to us (our Managing Editor Kelli recently moved from an apartment to a house, and is on the hunt for some great outdoor accessories).

We wanted to give you a few more of our favorites that didn’t make the pages of the magazine, because well… sometimes it’s just too hard to choose! So often, trends get repeated, re-used, or become something expected and uninspiring. That’s why none of these pieces fit the traditional mold, they all have a little something novel to them.

Shop the story: 1. Side Table // 2. Table // 3. Planter // 4. Bar Cart // 5. Bag // 6. Jacket