After having lived in New York for four years and worked as an editor for Architectural Digest and Elle Decor, Ellie Somerville McNevin decided to move with her husband to Charleston. She not only left her big city life behind, but also began her own PR and branding business along with Lindsay Fleege called Gray & Co. Overall extremely happy with her decision, she did however, experience quite a few changes from Manhattan life. Curious to see what this Southern gem of a city has to offer and what are perhaps some of its limitations, we caught up with her to find out more about what it’s really like to live in Charleston.

First let’s do a quick lightning round to get a sense of the highlights:

  1. Favorite neighborhood or street: I love walking around anywhere South of Broad of by the Battery – there are generally lots of tourists there as well, but it’s fairly quiet and the historic homes, cobblestone streets, and horses trotting past truly take you back in time.
  2. Favorite dish: I would have to say the Okonomiyaki at Xiao Bao Biscuit. It’s a delicious cabbage pancake with a fried egg and bacon on top. Anyone from Charleston will know that that’s not a very original choice, but when that’s what you’re craving, nothing else will suffice. 
  3. Who lives there? There has been a large influx of young professionals and even tech startups to Charleston lately, but there are also many families that have been here for five or six generations. Charleston is changing by the minute, which is pretty exciting to watch. 
  4. Something you learned from moving there: I learned how to slow down and appreciate the little things. In New York you’re always on the go, and now when I’m stuck behind a horse-drawn carriage I try to just take a minute to catch my breath and look around at the gorgeous city I am so lucky to call home. There’s also not a lot else that can replace sitting on your front porch with a cocktail in hand! 
  5. What’s all the rage right now according to the locals? Not to be grim, but truly everyone of all ages is focused on the AME Church and how we can support the congregation and the families of the victims as they deal with such a horrible tragedy. It has been amazing to watch this city come together and witness such a beautiful side of humanity.
  6. Hidden gem: It’s hard to have a hidden spot in a town this size, but I like to take guests to the Antiques Mall on Coleman Boulevard on the way to the beach at Sullivan’s Island. It’s pretty big so there’s lots to look through, and the prices are reasonable so I often come away with little accessories or small pieces for our house. 

Ellie took us on a beautiful tour of her day in Charleston, showing us the spots and moments that mean the most to her. Click on our slideshow to check it out!