Yesterday, designer Claire Zinnecker & photography Molly Winters took us on a tour of the beautiful Riad El Fenn in Marrakesh, Morocco. Today, Claire shares a chic & unique decorating trick she picked up during their travels: 

“Confession: I have a rug addiction! As a designer I have gathered quite a collection of beauties (never know when one might be the perfect fit for a client!). This collection was greatly increased by my recent trip to Morocco. So many rugs and not enough floor space to show them all off! My solution? Hang one on the wall! When I stumbled upon this one in a little rug shop in Marrakesh it reminded me of a watercolor, so it seemed like the perfect piece of “art” to grace my living room wall. The best part is: it brings color and texture into my small space! I love the subtle pops of color it brings to the room and is an easy way to fill an entire wall without having to spend hundreds on art!”

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