If your home lacks square footage, chances are you don’t have a proper office. While some folks are lucky enough to have a entire room (door included!) to devote to their desk, many of us are left to brainstorm creative ways to make the most of our space. We loved this idea we spotted in #RueTurns4. The design duo behind Kapito Muller used a gorgeous mirrored desk (with matching chair) as a nightstand in the master suite of a Manhattan apartment. The romantic finish complements the relaxing aesthetic of the room   and it fits the space perfectly without feeling overcrowded. It looks beautiful, it’s functional, and you can store your magazines/ear plugs/chapstick in the desk drawers.

We know, we know… some studies say to leave your work out of the bedroom. Another great option? Use the desk as a vanity for the ultimate “me-time.” We’ve said it once, we’ll say it again… vanities are the ultimate luxury. You’ll get the same look without the glaring light of a laptop and make the most of your space. Win-win!

Image originally appeared as part of our September 2014 issue here