This might be the oldest trick in the book, but boy… does it make an impact! And as an added bonus, this is a project that even the most DIY-adverse can jump on board with. All it takes is a little vision and a few fabulous drawer pulls.

In Bianca Sotelo’s studio, she’s converted a vintage dresser into a glamorous bar- custom artwork and mid-century barware included, of course. The dark hue alongside gold accessories is striking, but the most impactful moment of the vignette may be the drawer pulls. Bianca used inky geode knobs, totally transforming the dresser from a basic piece of furniture to a conversation starter. Using stones like geodes ensure a cohesive finished product, yet no two stones are alike.  To recreate the look in your home, we found some gorgeous options at Anthropologie (see here, here, or here).

Tell us- do you have any furniture that could use a glamorous update??

Image originally appeared as part of our September 2014 issue here.