This month we released our color issue – which was filled with attractive colorful spaces, from offices, to mansions and pied-a-terres. Besides bold tones, one thing that ran throughout the whole issue was daring design. There was nothing “vanilla” about these spaces. Each one showcased fun prints, an unrestrained use of color, and some unusual decor pairings. This made us think about how we approach our own spaces.

Often, we are so concerned about getting it “right” that it can take some of the fun out of decorating. Certainly, you want a pleasing result (even if that means only pleasing yourself), but a little abandon could produce a few pleasant surprises. In the end, decor is about creating your own world, one that represents you and your journey; so if you can’t take a risk, you might be missing out on some truly magical self-expressive moments.

With that in mind, we’ve found three great examples of homeowners who went bold but knew how to do it in a pleasing way. We hope it encourages you to take a few risks in your next design opportunities!