We know. In August, we were complaining about the relentless heat. And now? The cold is driving us crazy. But with such extremes, can you blame us? El Niño is really giving us a run for our money and by that, we mean all of our money is going towards blankets and scarves. And truth be told… we’d be typing with mittens on if we could.

Luckily, most of our team is based in California and at the end of the day, temps aren’t too low. But, Al Roker let us know that the rest of the country is pretty freezing! We’ve got a feeling that, like us, you’re dreaming of a little tropical getaway. (Perhaps at this stunning resort?!) In case that isn’t in the cards for you this winter, we put together a few of our favorite products that will instantly take you on (an imaginary though equally fulfilling) tropical vacation. Bon voyage!

Shop the Story: 1. Nesting Bowls // 2. Flamingo Print // 3. Cream Soap // 4. Flamingo Wine Stopper // 5. Hand Painted Lamp // 6. Chair // 7. Woven Nesting Bowls // 8. Pillow