Our latest issue was completely color-themed. We showed great design merged with awesome colors for those who love everything that is bright and bold. But sometimes, when we put our market pages together, there are too many items that we love but just don’t end up in our final round-up. To share some of those items that are too good to miss, we’ll be putting together a collection of our favorite pieces along with a look into why we love these trends.

Papaya is going to be 2015’s best bold tone for both interiors and fashion – take our word for it! A hue that’s between pink and orange, it’s versatile and works wonders with neutrals. In fashion, we love it in wovens – bringing texture and vibrance to your wardrobe. But more than anything, papaya is the new red for nails and lipsticks. This YSL lip-gloss will be the ultimate weapon for a simple outfit.

If it’s hard for you to imagine a world outside posters and inexpensive prints, there’s tons of reasonably priced original artwork on the net. Your simple white walls will look gorgeous with a few of these colorful photographic prints and paintings.

Even if you aren’t obsessed with the concept of sustainable, ethical design – shopping online already takes a lot of time, let alone if you have to research how everything is made – it’s always an added bonus if a stylish piece has a conscientious provenance. In our Color Issue we shared with you some bright ethically or handmade pieces, and now we’re giving you a few more that we were obsessed with. You have to admit that the imperfections of handmade items make them that much more interesting.

Finally we wanted to show the cutting edge trend in design: cardboard and kraft paper. Taking a material that is normally used for packaging and applying it to fashion and decor creates an unexpected result. We’ve seen this trend picking up speed in European design magazines and are forecasting it as a must-have style for the next few years to come.

Shop Rue: 1. Painting // 2. Top // 3. Tumbler // 4. Bag // 5. Umbrella // 6. Lipgloss