The season of the holiday houseguest has arrived. Is it just us, but is there something  about a sudden influx of entertaining that forces you to take a second look at your home decor? What once felt welcoming now feels cramped; what once felt trendy now seems painfully out of date. The craving for a complete renovation is all too familiar, but not exactly smart during this busy time of year.

Before the holidays consume our every thought, we wanted to show you the possibilities of a great transformation with minimal effort. We visited our friend Miriam (you may remember her gorgeous home tour here), and – armed with a few great rugs from Loloi – discovered how easy it is to make a dining room look brand new. Miriam’s dining room has great bones. The space has a beautiful table, a tasteful art collection, and a wall color as close to perfect as it gets. With a few very quick & easy changes, we created three drastically different rooms while highlighting the beauty that was already there.

For a modern, monochromatic look – we started with Loloi’s popular Adler rug in ivory. We swapped Miram’s upholstered seating for a collection of black West Elm chairs. As a finishing touch, we added a modern bar cart near the window – stocked with holiday entertaining essentials, of course! Since the rug and the walls have a similar color palette, the room feels a little bigger – just in time for those party guests to arrive.

If you prefer a more traditional aesthetic, we think you’ll love Loloi’s “Journey” rug in black and silver. We brought the upholstered seating back in and swapped the bar for a large fiddle leaf fig tree. Since the rug is more understated than the last, the room feels calm and serene – even for the most hectic of holiday dinner parties!

For those who love a touch of whimsy, Loloi’s bright Mayfield rug will give you the dining room of your dreams! Instead of chairs around the table, we opted to use a bright bench. The orange pattern complements the vibrant blue hue of the rug. Since there were more patterns in this collection, we chose to leave the area by the window open. It gives the room a sense of openness and flow.

You’ll notice that in each transformation, the changes look drastic… but truth be told, were actually quite painless. Each room looks vastly different from the last, while the only true differences were the rug, the seating options, and a few styled accessories. Proof that transforming a space is as easy as 1, 2, 3!

To transform your room in time for the holidays, visit Loloi. There is something for everyone… and every aesthetic!