We are constantly amazed by how much laundry we’re doing through this pandemic and also, honestly, a bit baffled since we are living in our leisure athletic wear. Let’s just say thank goodness for the forgiveness of stretchy fabrics. So, when a broken washing machine caused a major laundry pileup and threatened to force us into pants with an actual button, we embarked on researching new machines – a quarantine project that was both necessary and extensive.  We learned a lot by our dive down the internet rabbit hole. Needless to say, the debate over top-load vs front-load washer is big. We turned to the experts at Maytag to help us navigate the pros and cons.

We love seeing laundry spaces taking a front seat in design these days. Previously hidden away in basements and behind closet doors, they are now focal points of the home in prominent spots that are easily accessible. Designers are often able to get a little more playful in those spaces too, with fun and funky tiles, a bolder paint choice or unique flooring. From a design perspective, we do get a certain enjoyment out of those two balanced ocular units sitting side by side that a top-load washer just does not provide. Front-load washers began replacing the top-load agitators of the past due to water efficiency and being gentler on clothes a couple decades ago, but now top-loads are equally water and energy efficient as well as beautifully designed. Maytag pointed out to us that some of the key elements to consider are space, loading and wash time.  Obviously, only a front-load washer is stackable, so if you are an apartment dweller that might be your only choice. Another consideration is any upper cabinetry being hung high enough to open a top-load washer’s lid all the way. According to our friends at Maytag, some people prefer loading their washer from the top, allowing them to stand. Others find that transferring clothes from the washer to the dryer is easier with a front-loader, though most manufacturers also offer pedestals, which bring your front load washer and dryer to a more convenient height, provide added storage, and make bending a little less necessary. The capacity on both seem to have similar options and though the front-loaders generally use a little less water, their wash times tend to be longer. Despite the longer wash times, the fast spinning drum on some front-loaders, like those from Maytag, have a fast-spinning drum that extracts water and leads to shorter drying times. Basically, what we determined is that you cannot go wrong with either since energy and water efficiency keep getting better, making it a personal choice.   

For those interested, the model we selected was the Maytag® Smart Capable Top-Load Washer with the Extra Power button in Metallic Slate, which we somehow started referring to as “Cashmere.” The style and design along with all the capabilities made this a total winner. The product is highly rated and after our previous front-load, we thought we would change it up to a top-load this time around. The smart washer* allows you to remotely start or stop your appliance and updates you when the cycle is complete, which keeps us in the laundry flow and (wink, wink) is easily forwarded to your significant other to change the laundry when zoom conferencing or in the midst of your favorite new series. The Extra Power button is also revolutionary. With the push of this button, Maytag fights stains that dissolve best in hot and cold water – all in a single load. It boosts stain-fighting performance on any wash cycle with a dual temperature wash making it the key element for our messy household.  We found the perfect mate for it with the Maytag® Smart Capable Top Load Dryer in the same lovely Metallic Slate color. The Extra Power button is also on the dryer which helps get thick fabrics, pockets, hems and seams drier the first time with added time.** 

We are excited to get washing again and though our washer is still relegated to the basement in our early 1900s home, our well-appointed main floor laundry room will just have to remain a dream for now.

To learn more about the pros and cons of top-load and front-load washers, check out this easy guide put together by our friends at Maytag.

*Appliance must be set to remote enable. WiFi, App & Connected Subscription required. Features subject to change. Details & privacy info at maytag.com/connect.

**Results may vary on load size and type