We all know of the importance sleep – if Arianna Huffington is sleep’s biggest advocate, we should be listening. Sleep deprivation affects our health, our careers, and our relationships. It makes us reply twice to an email, without realizing it. So for the sake of our sanity and our inboxes, we need to do whatever we can to get longer, better quality sleep.

That’s why we were very impressed by the it™ bed. It’s a bed that let’s you find out about you, when are you no longer conscious. With the integrated app, you can track all the sleep information necessary to figure out how and why you are either sleeping well or badly. For example, it will let you know at what temperature you sleep better so that you can adjust that thermostat to the right level. It also can connect to your other apps, to know your schedule and activity during the day.

So, that’s just the first amazing thing it does, now comes the best part. We can’t tell you how many times we’ve argued with our partners over mattress firmness – too soft, too hard… It™ bed can adjust firmness at different levels on each side so that not only can you each get exactly what you want, but if for whatever reason (maybe a bad back) you need to have more support you can do that. And of course, the app itself will let you know at what level of firmness you sleep the best.

It’s essentially like a sleep therapist, researcher and mattress store all in one bed. So now that the summer is coming to an end and we’re going to start pickup speed at work this fall, we’ll be needing all of the shut-eye we can get.