Do you ever create a to-do list, and then write down tasks you’ve completed just so you can cross them off? Honestly, it’s therapeutic. We’re big organization junkies here at Rue, and nothing makes us happier than a color-coordinated calendar, a to-do list in our neatest penmanship, and an inspiring agenda to keep us motivated and moving forward.

Obviously, we’re over the moon that has released their new agendas! The 2017-2018 agendas were designed in their sunny LA penthouse (which, if you haven’t seen it, looks like the coolest place on earth). The team worked with female artists from around the world, featuring their artwork on both the covers and the monthly openers.

The bright designs include an all-new to-do list, compliments throughout (hey girl!), both weekly and monthly views, plus plenty of space to jot your grand ideas down before you forget them. Plus, their agenda shop has tons of accessories like gel pens, washi tape, and desk accessories. Because who said organization had to be boring??

Catch a peek at the collection in our slideshow and then shop our picks. Which one will you add to your desk this year?