Our latest issue was our Holiday issue, filled with images of woodland feasts, original gifts, and holiday themed decor. But we found another important theme running throughout the issue: the young stylish home. Our three features were the spaces of young and modern individuals, each with their own take on how to decorate their home age-appropriately.

When it comes to the young home, so often we see our friends encounter three pitfalls:

1. Giving up on standards completely and continuing a dorm-style set up. That means unframed posters on the wall, last year’s Christmas lights still on the shelf and chipped mugs for wine glasses.You don’t have to have everything, but it’s time to upgrade and invest in a matching set of plates, choose some pillows for your couch and have quality sheets.

2. Going too far in the sophisticated direction by decorating how your mom would. We’re talking lots of heavy pieces, lamps that look straight out of a 90s catalogue and too many pillows on the bed. For the young apartment dweller, this is probably not the best choice.

3. Lacking a point of view. You’ve been to that space. A few great pieces, lots of other stuff that you aren’t sure why is there and a color scheme that has the “color” but lacks the “scheme”. While we believe whole heartedly in eclecticism, you also have to know how to edit things out. It can be tricky to do, because sometimes things have sentimental value, but it’s important to know when you are overcrowding your other good design choices.

So what does a young stylish home look like and how can you achieve it? Take a look at our slideshow for a few pointers.