Still searching for the perfect gifts? Don’t worry — us too! Fortunately, we think we found the golden ticket this year. Local + Lejos, the socially conscious home goods that is handcrafted by artisans around the world, has a lot of beautiful new pieces that will serve as the perfect gift. Whether you need a stocking stuffer for your sister, that perfect pillow for your design-obsessed bestie, something to stock the bar for your significant other, or a great hostess gift for New Year’s… they have so many pretty options. (And since Local + Lejos avoids traditional markups, you’re getting a great deal while still supporting artisans around the globe.) 

We chatted with founder Sheeva Sairafi to see what pieces she’s loving most this season. “The Forrado Lumbar Pillow comes straight from Oaxaca, Mexico, and is crafted using natural dyes (coming mainly from plants, but sometimes even bugs!) and a very, very large foot loom,” she told us. “We’ve gotten numerous requests from customers for more lumbar pillow options, and the Forrado Lumbar Pillow is a result of those wishes! We wanted to create a neutral and simple alternative to some of our other more colorful options. Because of varying sizes of stripes, the Forrado Lumbar Pillow is clean, but far from boring.” 

Another favorite will dress up any holiday table but look beautiful through the rest of the year. Sheeva told us, “Ankole Cowhorn is a natural resource, which comes from the Ankole Longhorn, a breed of cattle found mainly in Uganda. When heated, Ankole Cowhorn can transform into marvelous different shapes and sizes. These Ankole Cowhorn Candle Holders are the newest addition to our Ankole Cowhorn products, and have quickly become one of our favorites. They are light and versatile and can be styled on nearly any table or shelf in the home.” 

Finally, Sheeva suggested a piece that can be used in any room of the house. “An update on one of our classic shapes, the Staccato Tray is a modern update that was designed using clean lines and geometric shapes. While its neutral coloring can help it find its way into any room of the home, our personal favorite use is as the centerpiece of a coffee table (perfect for cups, coasters or flowers).”

Start the slideshow for a closer look at these products and more. And for all of Local + Lejos’ holiday gifts, the last day to order for December 24th delivery is December 15 (Standard), or December 19 (Express).