When your home’s space is limited, it feels like your options are cut in half and style takes a hit. Your dilemma begins and gets stuck at having the sofa set-up of your dreams (sofa, two arm chairs, and coffee table) or an ample dining table for your awesome weekend dinners with friends, but not both. Sofa? Table? Sofa? Table… We know that the realities of decorating can be a lot more frustrating than what we originally imagine, which is why our latest small spaces issue had plenty of tips and inspiration for your woes. We filled the pages with trends that we can all get in on – whether we have a sprawling three story house or an alcove studio.

First and foremost, we found some seriously stunning scaled down pieces – settees, apartment sized armchairs, and square dining tables. We’ve been seeing a lot of our favorite brands invest in smaller sized designs with a whole lot of style. In case you’re looking for a few more options, we’ve included some of our favorites that didn’t make the issue.

Decorative ceramics don’t exactly scream small space, but hear us out! No matter what size apartment you have, or quality of furniture (a pure white Ikea dresser will do the trick), investing in one of a kind handmade decorative vases, bowls, and plates will instantly elevate your home. We’ve been seeing a trend in cutting edge ceramics in dusty hues and are absolutely obsessed.

If you’re lacking square footage but can’t lead a life without furniture, we suggest going for reflective surfaces. Mirrors and mirrored decor will increase the depth and light in your home, as well as will minimize the visual bulk of such pieces. Not to mention, anything mirrored looks completely glam.

Lastly, we’re loving this spin off traditional stripes. Variegated stripes switch it up with different thickness and spacing between the lines. It’s always a good thing to look for new variations on a design classic. We love it because we know they’ll make a great visual impact, yet still bring something fresh to the table.

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