At the start of summer, I was hard at work getting my deck ready for the warm evenings ahead. Having moved from San Francisco about a year ago, an outdoor space was a totally new concept to me. (Well, a non-foggy, non-windy outdoor space anyway.) Located right off the kitchen, the deck is the perfect spot to snag some mid-afternoon sun or enjoy a cocktail under the stars. I wanted it to be an inviting oasis so we’d be more enticed to make the most of it!

After using Loom Decor for some custom cushions, and driving all over SoCal for a set of chairs from IKEA’s newest collection, the deck was looking sharp. But one major thing was missing: It just didn’t have that inviting quality I’d hoped to achieve. In a lightbulb moment, I realized the easiest way to add comfort is with something soft underfoot. An outdoor rug was the solution!

Fast forward what seems like a million hours — and a million online stores — later, and I discovered my perfect outdoor rug on LampsPlus. (Surprise, surprise… I didn’t even realize LampsPlus had outdoor rugs!) I unrolled the rug and voila — the space was picture-perfect and I’ve spent more time on the deck in the last month than the entire year.

With a browser history full of outdoor rugs, I knew I had to share the wealth. Here are a few of my top finds — including the one that made my deck dream come true. And, since we’ve already had a few heat waves, many are on sale. Bonus!