In a world where so much is mass-produced, there’s something so inspiring and refreshing about items that are hand-crafted, each made unique by the artisan. Although it’s great to have a few items that are fast design, something that satiates an urgent need–a dresser that will fit our sweaters, or a sofa-bed for our overnight guests– we believe it’s important to invest in high quality pieces that have a story behind it. The Babel Lamp, by Santa & Cole, might just be that thing that you are looking for.

Hand-crafted from blocks of alabaster, Babel is a classic that was designed by graphic designer Ángel Jové in 1971. Both its geometric Art Deco shape and its glow make it an original piece for the home. Santa & Cole is a Barcelona based company that seeks out local artisans to re-issue design classics that have been lost over the years. The Babel lamp is a new introduction of theirs that is made almost entirely of alabaster, chiseled and sanded by experts in the small town of Sarral. Check out the video below to see how it’s made!